If you are a Star Wars fan you have probably noticed that since Disney took over the franchise, Porgs have been introduced. A lot of these things are pretty cool and the fans have accepted them with wide open arms. Other things, not so much and the fanbase wishes they would kind of just go away. Above all else, though there is a new invasive species filling store shelves with a Star Wars logo slack on its side. That’s right, a species from Star Wars has popped right out of the movies and started to slowly take over the world with it’s…er charm.

This species is known as the porg. What is a porg exactly? Well, to be honest, it kind of looks like a penguin and an otter got together and decided to make some strange platypus-like baby.The fanbase is either completely horrified by the Frankenstein-stitched together creature or they are completely in love with everything that they have been made into. It doesn’t help any that a lot of people have taken to even making them sing The Star Wars theme song in their native tongue.

If you want some Porg merch, fear not! You can get them as coffee mugs to drink your daily joe in. They also come as car clings to display your porg love to the world. If you are feeling really in love with the new little creatures, you can even get one that waddles and screeches at you for your entertainment pleasure. There are tons of porg merchandise to choose from and they all are made with great quality and with the same beady-eyed look that they have in the movies!

If you have entered a ToysRUs lately, you have probably noticed that they’re on every shelf staring at you. Honestly, I’m not even sure who buys these things as I’ve never actually seen someone have one in their house or buy it in person. I’m sure you’re really starting to think that porgs are just here to record everything we do for an eventual takeover.  Just look at these beady eyes, they totally aren’t just planning to invite you over for Christmas dinner. No matter how you feel about them, they are here to stay in the Star Wars universe and are sure to get a lot of screen time for better or worse in the next movie.