Drinking is an adult’s favorite pastime but many adults wish that their animals could also take part in the activity with them. As you probably have heard, a company hasn’t been in that one that is infused with catnip for help if your cat just a little bit drunk. It was major help single people with animal still a little bit more love. However, it got extremely popular with everybody and the item sold amazingly as it became a viral sensation on the internet.

The company behind the cat wine is back at it with Dog Beer and Cat Champagne. These items are made with all-natural ingredients that will help your pets mellow out with you. The best part is the company even offers free shipping over $25. That helps out a lot of the items that sell for around $7 a piece, making them just a little bit pricey. The people who have bought them and use them on their animals claim that they are worth it as their pets enjoy having a night to chill out as much as them.

The dog beer comes in several different flavors and is enginously his genius Lee titled to give you a good laugh.  You can even have it here in time for Christmas to give your pet a little something extra the snack on this year. If you don’t think you can make it in time for Christmas then definitely pick up the champagne for New Year’s. Nothing better than watching the ball drop with your cat and sharing some champagne together.