(Spoiler Warning!) If you haven’t heard yet, Stranger Things is the new in thing. The show features 80’s based horror and recently just aired it’s second season. To the creators delight, the second season even went over better than the first one did. The show has even seen a rapid increase in merchandise sales due to its growing popularity. If that isn’t enough, Netflix even makes owning it on home video pretty cheap to give everybody a chance to get into the franchise.

Now we are left with even more plot point in questions that need answers than ever before. This clearly pointed to the fact that the creators wanted to make more of Stranger Things. Recently, Netflix has announced that Season 3 is happening and everybody is overjoyed. The last season ended by showing that 11 had other kids she was housed with and showed her getting adopted into a normal life. The shadow monster also was shown hovering above the middle school waiting for a chance to attack the boys again.

The creators haven’t said when a third season will arrive and we don’t have a release date yet. Many fans are expecting it to come around the same time that it did this year though. The child actors in the show or also under tight contracts to keep everything a secret and even been banned from talking about some things with their families. One thing’s for sure, Netflix is really proud of their show and doesn’t want anything leaking out just yet. If you want to join in the fun of the community, then be sure to go to Reddit where you can read up on all the fan theories.  You will be amazed with other fans at the show have noticed in a background that you may have never called before.

As for our predictions, however, we think we’re going to see a little bit more of what exactly the lab was experimenting on.  I also hope to see more of the romance between Nancy and Jonathan in the series as they had a pretty great role this time around.  It would also be nice to see Steve get to somebody else’s become quite the lovable character as of lately. No matter what we get in Season 3 though, I’m sure fans will be overjoyed in merchandise cells will pick up more and more as the year goes on.