Who isn’t enjoying the current music that’s playing on the radio lately. With catchy tunes like Thunder to sing along to, many of us are grooving along on our way to work everyday now. What’s even better than listening to these songs is hearing all the unique spins that happen when Youtubers get ahold of them. Popular Youtuber, Social Repose, has decided to do a video featuring several different rock inspired versions of the songs. It’s equal parts hilarious and amazing at times.

As it turns out, just about any sound can have a different meaning when it’s sung by a different way. This is especially apparent as Social Repose goes to the different styles with the song Rockstar. What is originally a ballad turns into something deeper when it’s sung in an alternative rock style. The YouTuber has also done quite a few other songs like Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do recently. In all of the videos, he is incredibly talented and gives you several different takes on the songs that will make you want to listen to them again and again.

Check out the video above to see just what we mean. You won’t ever be able to listen to this song or sing at the same way again, we promise. Hopefully, we’ll see more YouTubers do styles like this. It would be pretty interesting to see Rockstar sung in a country accent or maybe even turn into a pop song by a talented singer. Who knows, maybe we’ll even eventually to see a parody tour one day where YouTuber sing the songs live in the different styles. That of course would require a lot of legal rights and the artist agreeing to let their songs we use.