Halsey and G-Eazy have to be the cutest new couple in the music industry. The two musicians look simply perfect together and have the type of chemistry that will make any romantic melt. The duo has even collaborated on a song and music video that was recently released. The song is titled, Him & I. The lyrics are catchy and Halsey sings the chorus perfectly.

The two recorded the video while they were on vacation together in New York. The two show off their chemistry well in the video by showing us their everyday life. G-Eazy has even been gushing about his relationship in recent interviews making us even more in love with the couple. Just listening to the lyrics in the video makes you want to find a relationship just like the two have.

Hopefully, we will get lucky enough to see them go on tour together soon. It’s nice to see both musicians evolve from their last albums. The more upbeat music is pretty great and G-Eazy keeps his rapping flow perfectly. Maybe we can even see them team up for a song on Halsey’s record next!