Buying mystery boxes has become an obsession in America as many people want to search for a good deal. These boxes always promise to have more than what you paid for in them. The only problem is with mystery boxes you never know what you’re going to get inside. When they come from professional companies or places just wanting to move stuff out, you’re guaranteed to at least get something somewhat decent in it. You may even get things you like depending on how much you’re into the company’s items.

When it comes to sellers on eBay, however, there is a lot less quality control and protection put into the boxes. This recently went wrong when a YouTuber decided to order a 90’s Styles box to open on her YouTube channel. The box was anything but a dream come true for her as pretty much nothing contained within it was actually from the 90s. If it was from the 90s, I’d be a little bit scared to even think of how long it had been since they washed it.

The video goes on to detail and show you everything that she got in the box and why you should never order one of these from eBay. While there are a lot of legitimate sellers, the idea of a mystery box out of somebody’s house is just not that appealing. Basically it’s almost like going to yard sale and telling them to give you whatever they feel like. If it’s an untrustworthy person, then you’re going to get the stuff they know won’t sell and doesn’t hold much value.

The video is the start of a saga between her and the seller and definitely worth a watch. The Youtuber stays pretty positive about the whole thing. If you get addicted to the saga she even posted follow- up videos to update her viewers. Buyers beware as this is the season to heavily judge your purchases before actually deciding to ship them to your home.