If you’ve seen any concert in last twenty years or so, you probably know that most of the stars will change their outfits half a dozen times during their live performances. Well, Adele decided to do something completely different during her upcoming world tour. Not only she is not changing her outfit during one performance, she’s not changing it during the whole world tour! She will perform each of her concerts in the same sparkly Christopher Bailey-designed Burberry dress and a pair of matching flats.

Whole story started when Adele’s stylist Gaelle Paul, who has been working with her for the last seven years, met with Burberry, who is sponsor of Adele’s tour, in September 2015. They’ve created several sketches, from cloaks to detachable skirts, and then came up with a brilliant idea. In December they’ve seen Adele’s performance on NBC, where she wore a a single gown for the entire concert. Instead of several outfits, they’ve focused on creating “one great dress that went the extra mile and that really wowed.”

The final Burberry tour look was based off a pre-fall 2016 design whose sequins “sparkled like mad,” says Paul. “It’s a flower print done in sequin, and the sequins flow in different directions. It’s an unusual fabric technique, creating the galaxy-star effect you see when you see her onstage and on film.”

But don’t you worry, Adele won’t be actually spend the whole tour in the exactly same piece of cloth. Once the gown was designed, ten copies of the dress were made to put into rotation. Multiple fittings, such as removing sequins under the arms or finding the right length so dress doesn’t get soaked in the rain which is part of the show are still in progress and the dress should be ready just in time for her tour.

adele dress