I know this is basically “old news”, but I just can’t help to find myself still shocked over this…

Matt Lauer literally got fired.

I mean, at this point, new accusations of sexual assault in the world of prestigious people seem to be happening daily. If not, more than daily. Who will be next? It will be somebody’s turn tomorrow. I hate to sound cynical – but, am I the only one who finds myself occasionally questioning if these can all actually be real?

There are always those people you think look like a creep and would totally not be surprised if you heard such an accusation. But, there are also those people where you still can’t believe it even once they have admitted to it themselves.

But, nonetheless, what’s done is done and Matt Lauer has officially been fired.

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Photo courtesy of CNN.com

And, in the midst of it all, here’s what you need to know:

He isn’t getting the rest of his money, honey.

Of course, like we have seen recently with the long string of football coaches being fired…

Typically, someone like a news anchor, coach, etc. who is under contract receives a pay out upon the termination of their contract. However, Matt didn’t get so lucky with this…

He will not be paid for his last day of work nor will he be paid out the additional millions he would normally be owed per his contract.

Not everything you see on the internet is true.

Last week, Matt released his statement and they read the full statement that morning on NBC.

He noted that while not all the accusations and things being said about him were true, or some might have just been a little tweaked…

He did apologize saying there was enough truth to mean he deserved the consequences.

So, of course, this is completely open to interpretation, but I would say he definitely isn’t completely innocent. I mean, he sounds a bit guilty, of at least something, right?

In the end, it will all blow over.

For anyone who loves journalism or is really into the morning news and might actually be heartbroken over the news of Matt Lauer…

Here’s your sing: It will blow over eventually and he will be replaced.

Sadly, we have gotten numb to situations like these and they all blow over at some point. Some, after only a few days.