Colin Furze is one creative DIYer who loves surprises. He’s actually a normal guy who lives a normal life in a normal house, on a normal street. Behind his normal house there’s a garden with a garden shed and it’s one of the most average gardens you could possibly imagine. But right underneath that normal garden lays a hidden surprise.

Far back in the garden stands the shed. You’d think it’s just a regular storage for some tools and a lawnmower, but all you’ll see is an old barbecue and a rug. Once these are out of the way, the trap door will appear. And here is where magic begins.

Underneath the garden Colin has built the bunker of his dreams. To enter it you will need to pass a coded door. Once you’re finally in, you’ll see the greatest man cave a man could ever dream of!

A fully equipped kitchen, a full fridge and plenty of space for beer. Just in case of emergency, cabinets are filled with preserved foods. There are also enough gas masks for the whole family and friends and power is provided by generators.

And of course, a massive 3-D television, surround sound speakers and all the video games you could dream of. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?