Barbecuing pizza is becoming increasingly popular for people all around the world. This is because cooking anything on the grill gives it that special type of magic that is so hard to explain. It is something like a smoky taste combined with slightly and randomly singed parts of the food that gives it that magic touch.

If you need to make a pizza at home and decide to barbecue it for the night instead of placing it in the oven then follow these simple tips and tricks to make your BBQ pizza come out perfect.

First step is to use a low flame. Using a low flame will prevent the dough on the bottom of the pizza from burning and will give it a nice, long, slow roast. For this type of application, a charcoal or wood grill would work best due to the flavor undertones they give but a gas grill will certainly be easier to set up and use.

Once you have your pizza ready and set to cook along with all of the toppings that you could possibly want, then it is time to grill the pizza. You will find that if you put the pizza directly onto the grill then the dough on the bottom will turn black and burn creating an unpleasant taste, however fear not because there is a simple solution to this.

If you place a muffin tin onto the grill with the holes facing up and then put your pizza on top of that, then the air pockets on the inside of the tin will heat up which will cause the pizza to cook nice and evenly throughout along with those few scattered black spots.

BBQ pizza will also give the veggies and meat on top the signature grill singe and flavor that so many people long for, as well as a boiling hot sauce to go with it. This pizza will certainly be a bit different from other pizzas your cook but has its niche in the food world that no other dinner can take.