People have different visions of what their life will be like after retirement. Some dream about doing nothing and just relaxing, some think about all those hobbies they didn’t have time to do before, some re thinking about traveling. But one thing is always the same – every single person wants a comfortable, safe and accessible home.

That’s exactly what architect Jon Nystrom had in mind when he was thinking about his retirement home. He actually did such a good job that he won the Best Retirement Home award in 2013.

Jon wanted something cozy and nice, and building his own home was his long term dream so just in time for his retirement he built a 1,970-square-foot, timber-framed dwelling in a small town called Boerne, located in Texas.

The house he built for him and his wife is as low-maintenance as possible, but at the same time has everything they could possibly need when they get older.

The home includes a master bedroom, kitchen, second bedroom, and two bathrooms. There’s also a pool, a patio, and a space for a healthcare worker. Oh, and a wonderful backyard with a fire-pit.