Okay, I will admit it right off the bat, I am not a tiny, minimalist living type person…

I am more of the, “I think I will need about 3,000 square feet for my family of four” type of person. Heck, I feel cramped in my 550 square feet place with just a husband and two cats.

Coming from the south, where housing is cheap, big and spacious houses are pretty much all I’ve ever known. There isn’t much of a tiny house fad back in my hometown because that just isn’t what you do. It is more of a large home fad type of place.

But, I still somehow – despite the fact I think I would go insane if I lived in some of them – have this unhealthy obsession with watching Tiny House Hunters on HGTV…

I’m not sure if it just really baffles me that much or if I somehow, deep down want a tiny home and I just choose to live vicariously through them. It all remains a mystery.

But, after living in the city for awhile now, I can see why people would do it for affordable reasons and it would be really nice to be able to literally pick your house up and leave. And, rather I could actually live in a tiny house myself or not, doesn’t lessen the fact that the craze over tiny homes just keeps growing…

So, let’s just take a look at some of the best of this year because they are just so darn cute:

  1. The A-Frame CabinPhoto courtesy of Alla Ponomareva

    I don’t know how practical an A-frame house actually is, but if you are already tiny living, I am sure you are willing to compromise.

    Aside from the practicality of it though, it is totally adorable.

    And, check out how this couple built theirs for only $700!

  2. The Working AmpPhoto courtesy of Asha Mevlana

    So, I said I would never live tiny, but this might change my mind for me.

    While I am no musician, so the amp would be of no value to me, this tiny home is adorable! Check out that kitchen!

  3. The Most Spacious Tiny Home EverPhoto courtesy of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

    If you are looking for a tiny house where you can still entertain in, this one is for you. This tiny home can fit six people! But, the rustic look makes it so cozy.

So, if you had to pick one of these three tiny houses, which one would it be? I would choose No. 3!