We all of purchases we really debate on before doing them. Sometimes we may even go to the internet for advice. The only problem is once we are there everyone has an opinion on what the best purchase is at this point you probably want to consult an expert. Fro beauty products though why would you look any farther than the celebrities you admire? They always seem to be talking about the latest and greatest innovations and beauty products and hey they must be doing something right.

This video follows a Youtuber as she buys the first 5 celebrity recommended products on Instagram. Unsurprisingly she has to take some second picks to keep within budget during the video. As it turns out a lot of posts made by famous people on Instagram are actually trying to get you to buy something from them and the celebrities are only getting that free stuff with an agreement to help sneakily market the products right into your home.

Safiya does try out the products at the end of the video to try and give you an idea of the quality behind them. For the most part, all the products seem to work pretty well. That doesn’t mean you should start buying every advertised item you see on your account though. While the products do seem to work pretty well it is even stated in the video that some could just be a placebo effect and they aren’t even fully sure if some products are helping at all.