Oh.My.Gosh. You just have to see this! These chocolate cakes have a whole movie to tell. One image at a time.

Not so long time ago all we expected from a cake was to be delicious and pretty. Everything else was a bonus. Actually, there wasn’t anything else. We had tasty layers cleverly hidden under the frosting and decorations on top. Well, looks like those days are gone. Today cakes are taking on a whole new level and cakes are not used only for eating but also as an entertainment.

For example, some of the Disney cakes come with a lightshow on the frosting.

And some others, like this one, go even a step further.

The cake in this video is known as a zoetrope cake. It’s not the one of a kind, its creator Alexandre Dubosc has made zoetrope cakes his specialty.

If you’re wondering what zoetrope cake is, well, in short, it’s animated cake. These cakes use the oldest animation technology, it spins images to create an animation.

The cake from this video has not one, but a couple different animations on its layers. It starts with Pacman eating a dot, continues with popcorns and ends with awesome fire rages.

What an amazing cake creation!