Stop everything your doing and read this post now. The woman behind this book is a complete genius that everyone on the internet needs to recognize right now. She has taken our love of the feline race to new heights with her activity book made to decipher the secret world of cats that are hidden to our human eyes. That’s right this book contains all the secret knowledge you have been looking for since you adopted scruffy. How does it do this? By having you draw in the invisible items we cant see with our human eyes.’

This book documents all the various poses we see our cats in every day and then tells you what to draw. Each drawing will reveal your cat’s hidden motives and better help you understand feline kind. With each flip of a page, you will learn what the secret object your cat is using with each of their poses in. The book even insists you draw them in yourself to help you memorize the actions of your pet even better. Get one for your whole family and even start to teach your kids at a young age the secrets of the cat world. This book is designed to bring joy to all ages of human.

In real talk, the book is avalible for a lot of different retailers for under $20. It offers pages of cats in their normal weird positions to draw on and is a delight to work through. The book is the Artists first work and supporting this means we will get even more wonderful cat themed activity books to top off gift bags with. The book is available for prime shipping as well which means that you can be enjoying this beautiful piece of work the very next day after you click order!