One of the biggest problems of celebrities is not being able to walk freely on an event without being swarmed by fans and selfie-with-celebrities enthusiasts. Some genius personalities came up with a good way to go incognito in many events and crowded places such as comic-cons. Here are some artists who disguised themselves to peacefully roam the event grounds.

Elijah Wood Disguised As Batman

Elijah Wood was Batman! Though half of his face was revealed, he said that he was recognized. People mentioned that his cosplay was really like an Elijah Wood wearing a Batman mask. I LOL’d at that one.

Matt Smith

This one’s kind of lame. Doctor Who’s Matt Smith wore a Bart Simpson head during the event and sadly, no one wanted to talk to him. But we all know Bart is more of a prankster than a talker. Good disguise, poor role-playing. He should have set everyone’s hair on fire!

Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams hid behind a Spider-Man mask. But since fans are now aware of these disguises during Comic-Cons, celebrities should start putting in more efforts or else they would be revealed. It’s like throwing a human to a horde of zombies.

Chris Daughtry

A Batman mask and a white shirt? Chris Daughtry might want to work harder next time if he doesn’t want to be uncovered.

Jack Black

Jack Black found it uncomfortable to wear a Storm Trooper mask while walking the floor. But at least, he roamed the event venue freely without girls tripping just to get close to him.

Dean Norris

Dean Norris, well-known as a DEA agent in AMC’s TV series, Breaking Bad also hid himself in a disguise. Of all characters to play, he picked the feisty and hot Xena, the warrior princess.