Not every celebrity had an easy life. Some of the most famous people like Albert Einstein or Sigmund Freud, for example. They left their homelands in search of better life, primarily because of wars or political crisis. These individuals not only managed to escape horrifying life threatening situations , but they went on to become some of the most influential people of all time.

Gloria Estefan was born in Havana in 1957. During the Cuban Revolition they were forced to leave their home and the family fled to Miami. They’ve settled down there and shortly after Gloria’s father joined the U.S. military and fought in the Vietnam War. Gloria graduated from University of Miami while working as an English/Spanish/French translator at Miami International Airport Customs Department. Today, this Grammy award-winner is one of the world’s best-selling music artists of all time.

The Queen frontman left his homeland, the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar during a political revolution in 1964.

The 40-year-old indie rapper was actually born in London. However, when she was just few months old, her family returned to their native Sri Lanka. Her parents really wanted Sri Lanka to become their home, but instead, they were forced into hiding. Eventually, family left their homeland when M.I.A. was 11 years old.

Professional basketballer, Luol Deng was a Sudanese refugee. His father was a member of Sudanese parliament and during the Second Sudanese Civil War, when he was just a young boy, his family was forced to move to Egypt. They were granted political asylum and they emigrated to Brixton, South London. Deng moved to the United States at 14 to pursue basketball.

Since Andy Garcia is best known for his Italian role in The Godfather III, people ofte tend to think he’s Italian. But the truth is, Andy Garcia was actually born in Havana, Cuba. After the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion, a 5-year-old Andy and his family left Cuba for Miami. The family built up a million-dollar perfume business in Miami, while Garcia went on to become a successful actor.

Wyclef Jean’s refugee story was the inspiration behind much of his early music as part of the group, notably called “The Fugees.”
He is a Haitian native and he left his country at the age of 9. However, Haiti is never too far from his mind and he raised millions of dollars after 2010’s devastating earthquake. He even wanted to run for president of Haiti in 2010, but was deemed ineligible because he had not been resident of the country in over five years.