To date, scientists have identified more than 1.5 million species of living things on planet earth. Considering that humans are just one of those 1.5 million, that’s a lot of other life living on this green and blue planet orbiting the sun.

But most of these critters aren’t bigger than your thumbnail. A shocking 2/3 of all organisms living on earth are insects. That’s a lot of bugs and pests for us to keep out of our house!

No matter how gross we may think insects and bugs are, they’re an integral part to life her on the planet. Many bugs help other living organisms decompose after death. They help break down the corpse so it can reintegrate with the ground, become fertilizer, and continue the cycle of life that seems inevitable here on earth.

While insects and pests are important, that doesn’t mean we want them in our houses. They can be dirty, gross, and just simply make our skin crawl.

But as I mentioned earlier, there is a simple, plant-based method to keep bugs out of your home. And it works like magic.
While it includes no poisons like the insecticides you can buy at the store or the spray the exterminator brings into your home that can hurt your cats and pets, this DIY home remedy is all-natural and possibly even more effective.

What’s the secret? You need a fresh mint plant in your home.
Not only will the house plant help fight bugs and pests, it makes your place smell even better too. It’s a win, win solution.

How to use a peppermint plant to fight bugs, mice, and pests.

First you want to prepare a high concentration of mint leaf tea. When this has cooled, store it in a spray bottle. Spray every corner of your house especially doors and windows.

The smell of fresh mint repel insects. They can’t stand it!

Not only will these keep pests including rodents away, it makes your house smell great.