Moving to a big city often means losing the spacious living environment. And in really big cities, like New York, apartments get really, but really small. Some of the apartments are even smaller than an average college dorm. However, with skyrocketing prices, that’s often the only choice for people who want or have to live in a big city.

Daniel LaCalzi is a product designer who found himself in that situation. He needed a place to stay in Brooklyn, NY during his studies at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. He wanted a place close enough to the school that he wouldn’t have to worry about traveling to school for hours. The best he could find was the petite, 271-square-foot apartment. When he saw it in person it was even smaller than on the pictures, but with limited budget he didn’t have much choice than to take it and settle in.

After graduating, Daniel started his own company and it was obvious that he could use a bit more space.

Instead of going through real estate search once again, he decided to put his design skills to the test and to make his tiny apartment perfect for his current needs. He cam up with some great innovative additions and soon his tiny loft became the perfect bachelor pad.