Just based on the title alone, I’m sure your mouth is already watering…

The thought of the warm, sweet and moist round pastry with an oh-so-beautiful and perfect hole right in the middle. And, let’s not forget the best part – the sugar-filled icing that seamlessly coats the top. Then, if you are a little more adventurous, you are likely dreaming of this beautiful creation with sprinkles on top or maybe even something a bit crazier like some crushed up cereal.

Are you drooling yet?

Yeah, I’m considering running out the door to my nearest Krispy Kreme right about now.

It is no secret at this point, that warm and sweet pastry I’ve been describing is a big, fat donut.

You can eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between as far as I am concerned. And, with so many different donut shops in town, many have resorted to not only creating a delicious masterpiece, but an insane creation to lure hungry people into their store.

But, if you thought the idea of some crushed up cereal on top of a donut was a bit out of this world, just wait until you read about the craziest donut creations we’ve ever seen:

  1. Poptart donut

    This first donut comes from a donut shop very near and dear to my heart – in fact, it might be my favorite donut shop in the entire world: The Donut Bar.

    And, that’s right, they have a humongous square donut that is filled with an entire and intact Poptart. You get two breakfast favorites in one!

  2. Glazed Donut Sandwich

    This next donut creation isn’t about the donut itself, but what they made with it… hence, donut creation.

    Dunkin’ Donuts has created a breakfast sandwich by slicing a glazed donut in half and placing an egg and some bacon in between. They just took sweet and salty to a whole new level!

  3. The “Texas Sized” Round Rock Doughnut

    You’ve heard it plenty of times before – everything is bigger in Texas! And, the donuts are no exception to that saying. So, it shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise that a donut shop in Texas has a huge donut…

    But, one this huge is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen – it is bigger than a man’s head!

  4. Fish Donut

    Well, we have officially seen it all thanks to KFC. At KFC Singapore, when you are feeling donuts for dinner, their fish donut – yes, made of fish – might just tickle your fancy.

Eat up, donut lovers!