eBay is a really wonderful place. You can find all kind of stuff out there. From simple every day things, brand new and used, to not so usual items. Real estates and vehicles can also be found. And prices are all about how lucky you are. Adam Collier-Woods is one of those lucky people who managed to take the best out of eBay. He found and bought an old bus and it didn’t cost him a real fortune. He always wanted to have a double-decker bus so he immediately knew what he’ll do with it.

I know that vehicles transformed into living places are nothing new. We’ve already seen people living in planes, buses vans and all several other types of vehicles. But this one is really special and well worth seeing.

When the bus came to his new owner, it wasn’t in its best shape. The floor was rotten, windows were missing, everything was curved and walls needed insulation desperately. He wanted to do the majority of the work on his own, and to be honest, when I saw the bus at the beginning of the video, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was really a lot of work and it didn’t look like one man could do this on his own.

However, Adam’s dream came true and he created one of the best buses you’ll ever see.