If you haven’t heard already, Prince Harry is officially off the market.

And, if you really haven’t heard, where the heck have you been?!

But, surprisingly, what has been even more popular than the fact that Prince Harry is off the market is who he is engaged to…

Drum roll please…

Meghan Markle – the actress from Suits.

You’ve got it – no, she isn’t some royalty or the daughter of a Lord. She is an American actor.

Wow, so you mean we all had a chance this entire time? Yep, too late now though…

Anyways, so why is she the talk of the town now?

Well, here’s what you need to know about her:

She’s not a Meghan.

Well, kind of…

According to her IMDB page, the self-proclaimed bi-racial actress is actually named “Rachel Meghan Markle” but she goes by Meghan, as we’ve come to know her.

She has the brains.

Yep, you heard it hear first, folks…

She isn’t one of those dumb blonde actresses – which is good, considering she isn’t even blonde.

But, in fact, she actually graduated from Northwestern University with a double major in theatre and international relations.

She knows Howie Mandel.

And how, you might ask? Well, for no better reason than she used to be one of the suitcase girls on the Deal or No Deal show.

She does say though that it was just something she did while she was trying to make ends meet and looking for her big break.

She has since switched gears.

She is pretty famous, in case you didn’t know.

Well, duh, she is like really freaking famous now that she is marrying Prince Harry. But, she was pretty famous before that too. She was actually the most googled actress of 2016.

She’ll be legit.

She will have the citizenship, the title, everything. She has been given permission to marry in the St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle next May. She will also get citizenship in the Uk…

And, her new title will be…

Her Royal Highness Princess Harry of Wales.

Dang, I’m pretty sure Meghan Markle just hit the jackpot. Did she not? But, from the looks of it, she might be someone who deserves it…

So, what are your thoughts on the new Her Royal Highness Princess Harry of Wales…to be?

I guess they make a cute couple, after all.