If you ask me, every kid should have their own space where they can feel cozy, safe and enjoy some quiet and alone time. Sure, it’s great to be surrounded with friends and family, but it’s also really important to learn how to be alone and how to enjoy and appreciate that time.  My own special little hideout was really not much other than a spot behind our front porch that was hidden from view.

If you ask any little girl how her dream bedroom should look like, she’ll most likely say she wants to have her own fairy tale. And let’s be fair – we’d all love to live in our own fairy tales where we would be kings and queens.  Have our tea parties and chit chat about issues at court.

However, parents often don’t have enough time and money to give their kids the room they want.

Parents of the little girl named Sofia had the same problem. She always dreamed about having her room redecorated, filled with flowers and bright colors, special shelf for her stuffed friends and a quiet reading corner. Unfortunately, her room didn’t fit that description at all.

For her birthday her parents decided to surprise her with a brand new room. While Sophia was away for the night, her dad cleared everything out of her room, and started working on his daughter’s dream bedroom. If you think this was a small job think again.  He redid absolutely everything, including walls and all the furniture and by the time she was back her new magical bedroom was all done.  This was truly a project that could have been taken out of an episode on HGTV.  Awesome job Dad something really that Sophie will never forget.

How it turned out is something you really have to see for yourself!