Some people enjoy ordinary life with ordinary worries. Some other – don’t. Like this guy named Steve. Steve has the strangest luck ever. He lives in a rented house for a bit more than 3 years. A while ago he discovered a complete stranger living in his basement. He was living there for three full months before someone noticed. You’d think that’s more than enough oddities for one house. But Steve’s bizarre luck doesn’t end there.

After living in his rented house for three years, Steve noticed a blacked out window in the hall. Sure, there were a random door without a knob which wouldn’t open but he didn’t think much about that. One day curiosity won and he climbed onto the railing of the staircase to peer into a window. What he found on the other side is CRAZY!

It was a secret room. He contacted the landlord to ask him about it and the landlord said it was nothing but a storage space. However, the room Steve discovered wasn’t filled with random stuff. There was a bed with blankets, boxes and a key.

Maybe Steve could pay a bit ore attention to his surroundings, but that doesn’t make this story any less bizarre!