This daiquiri is the tastiest and the easiest cocktail ever invented.

There’s only one bad thing about blender cocktails – they tend to be super-icy. It’s normal, since they need ice to be blended and it’s pretty amazing how that works but if you ask me, blending ice is still a pain and I’ll rather skip a drink than torture my blender with ice.

That’s what makes this drink special. It’s a cocktail, it’s blended, it’s refreshing, cold and super delicious and no ice is involved! It’s also one of the easiest recipes ever.

All you need to prepare this perfect summer drink are three ingredients: watermelon, lime juice, and rum. Nothing difficult. Nothing icy. And you don’t even need to be on vacation.

Clean your watermelon, cut it into small pieces and freeze it. Once it’s frozen, take it out of the freezer and put in the blender. Add lime juice and rum and turn your blender on. This Daiquiri really couldn’t be any easier to make.