A young 7th-grade girl has made a name for herself with a poem she recited in class that has since gone viral. The very talented young lady wrote a poem detailing how most kids her age and even some adults don’t feel like they measure up in society. Her wordplay is genius and it will really touch you to see such a young girl with this type of talent taking a stand. The girl is named Oliva Vella and she deserves every few she gets and hopes to make people think more about their worth and less about looking at others around them.

The poem goes on to talk about how cruel it can be to be bullied for being smart.  She challenges society and makes the end of the poem a positive message of love and acceptance resuarruing those around her that they are important.  The girl shows us that we all still have a lot to learn about acceptance in the world and being confident with the choices we make and the way we look. This is a brilliant video to show anyone you know suffering from self-esteem issues.

Hopefully, we can see more young people in the future follow Oliva’s example and become a beacon of hope for their peers. For people who have gone through bullying in school, this video will give you a lot more hope for the new generation of kids. You should also be happy to know that all the online feedback the young girl is getting is completely positive. Then again what type of cold-hearted person could hate such a positive message from a young lady?