The popular Podcast show host Rhett and Link have posted there newest video on Youtube. The two are hoping to start a campaign in light of recent events. What are these events you ask? Well, Mcdonalds has decided to bring back there Dollar Menu and they have left off a few things that the boys are demanding be added. The video has a long rant about Mcdonald’s new video and is perfect to watch if you have been following the more serious protests going on all over the internet. It’s a good dose of funny to give you a breather from the current mood and does a great job at it.

In the video the boys are demanding that Mcdonald’s is lying about there dollar menu. As it turns out everything on the menu isn’t a dollar and they want to point this out to their viewers. They even go into a small rant about the lie that stores with dollar into their name try to push and openly announce their support for Dollar Tree. The whole thing is based on Mcdonald’s not putting fries back on their dollar menu. They even have live samples to show their audience to prove their points!

Eventually, the video does devolve into them starting to eat the food. The whole video is hilarious and you can even put it on while your working due to its podcast style. Be sure to join into there campaign to#GetFRiesOnTheDollarMenu. Or just watch and laugh like the rest of us while they make their social outcry popular on Youtube. Mcdonalds may even add fries just because the video has got the dollar menu so much publicity.