In this video, Chef Jamie Purviance reveals a simple trick to get your steak perfect every time you grill. By developing your touch-test skills, you’ll simply be able to feel when your steak is rare, medium-rare, or however you and your guests like it.

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Testing for your steak’s doneness does take some skill and “grilltuition” but with this simple trick you’ll be much closer to nailing that perfectly done steak every time you throw one over the flames.

As the chef says in the video, the touch test is the simplest way for you to master the doneness of your next grilled steak.

“You actually just put your finger on the surface of the steak while it’s on the grill,” Purviance says. “And feel its firmness. A steak will get firmer as it cooks.”

Now, touch the fleshy area at the bottom of your thumb. That is usually what steaks feel like when they’re raw. But when you press your index and thumb together and press that same area, you can now feel what the steak is like when it’s rare.

When you put your thumb and middle finger together and touch the same part of your palm at the base of your thumb that is what steaks feel like when they are medium-rare.

“Put your ring finger and thumb together and you’re going to get medium-well,” Purviance says. “If you put your pinkie and thumb together now you’ve got well done.”

The trick is so simple and easy. Next time when you are grilling steaks enjoy their perfect doneness.