Matthias Wandel is one very crafty man who loves his wife Rachel and her cakes very much. One day Rachel was experimenting with different cake shapes and Matthias noticed how hard it is to cut a cake into unique shapes with a knife. That gave him a wonderful idea!

Rachel wanted her cake cut into triangles and squares, but Matthias had better idea – he wanted circles and hexagons. Since obtaining those shapes by hand was almost impossible, he decided to help her by making a special knife just for his wife’s cake cutting needs.

That’s how a very cool type of knife that cuts the cake into perfect hexagon shapes was created.

He started by gathering his materials and tools and drawing plans. Once he had that, he started creating the blade. That part was tricky, as every angle had to be exactly 60 degrees.

Once the blade was done he proceeded with the handle. He molded and cut a piece of wood until it was just what he wanted for the handle.

All of this maybe sounds like just a few simple steps, but trust me, it’s not. As you’ll see in the video, Matthias put in this project a lot of time and effort. But it was definitely worth it, because the cool, hexagon shaping knife came out perfectly.