A Mississippi house was abandoned thirty years ago, and a photographer decides to investigate. What he finds is a snapshot of a life interrupted, but by what?

As he explores the house and documents each room in pictures, a sad narrative starts to come into focus. But even with the eerie atmosphere, there is a mysterious beauty to the home as you will see in these pictures.

Dubbed “The Hoarder House” by locals, this home, abandoned since the nineteen eighties, has become a sort of mecca for fans of “ruin porn” and urban legend alike. And a Florida photographer has captured it’s waning grace and charm for posterity.

The house, despite its ominous name is not remarkably cluttered. It has certainly seen better days, with the paint peeling inside and out, and the roof collapsing in some upstairs rooms. What makes it so spooky is the house’s sense of “lived in-ness”. It is fully furnished and family photos are everywhere. As you travel from room to room, you see a slice of daily life, as if the homeowner stepped out to retrieve the morning paper and never came back.

“It’s odd because you’re in what was someone’s home. You’re seeing what was their personal life and you’re left to wonder what happened to have caused this,” says the twenty eight year old shutterbug.

While rummaging through the various rooms, the photographer stumbled upon documents and letters that may offer to shed some light on the fate of its former occupants. Included in the papers were a divorce agreement and letters of solicitation from the owner to various celebrities, asking them to come and rent rooms to help the owner make ends meet.

He noted “It’s a pretty much a time capsule, having been owned by a woman who rented out the rooms for $300 a month.”

The photographer, identified as “Bullet” went on to say “’It’s hard to tell what happened, but you can piece together a story by the various documents throughout the home.There are letters dealing with divorce, her marriage, letters to famous actors asking them to come live with her. It looks like the owner just got up and left.”

In another room, he found a collection of dolls to whom time has not been kind, and pictures of children, suggesting that, at one time, the halls were resounding with laughter and play.
Bullet’s work is what is known in artistic terms as “ruin porn,” and has taken to some very sketchy locales for inspiration, however this home even set the experienced explorer of the derelict on edge, saying “I was scared at one point because the ceiling above us shifted around and I thought it was going to collapse on us.”

It is believed that the same family has owned the house since the nineteen forties, however it is unclear who retains legal responsibility for it now.

There is an undeniable beauty in the decomposing hulk that once housed a presumably happy family.