We all have our quirks and strange little habits, so it’s not surprising that even celebrities do some strange things in the privacy of their own homes. However, when you’re a celebrity, you can’t really count on privacy, not even at home. These former housekeepers of our favorite celebs decided to talk about some of their employer’s dirtiest secrets.


The singer is known as the cat lady. One of Swift’s former housekeepers said “she owns a few cats and her entire home is filled with photos of them, she’s constantly grooming them to reduce the cat hair.” If you pay attention to details, this didn’t surprise you as Taylor’s outfits often feature cat patterns. One source says, “she even leaves cat food and milk outside, so the neighborhood strays flock to her stoop.”

When at home, this Twilight star is a chain smoker. One of her former housekeepers said, “she puffs away like a chimney and leaves cigarette butts everywhere — in the shower, in the potted plants, and once I found one inside the fridge!”

Jennifer Lopez’s staff members refer to their boss as “Pay-low”. Jenny from the block don’t like paying much for tasks around the house and her staff make half of what they could anywhere elsewhere. Her explanation of this house policy is that she once had to struggle to make it, so everyone else should too.

Unlike Jennifer, Mariah treat her employees well. She has to, as theyoften have to take care of her when she drinks too much. A former housekeeper said, “Mariah will sometimes drink so much that she gets loopy.” Last year Mariah’s glam squad had to do her hair and makeup while she was passed out from drinking.

The 52-year-old actress have only soft, amber light bulbs installed in her home. Supposedly, she can’t stand to look at herself in the mirror if the lighting is too harsh. One housekeeper stated that Demi have a full storage of the special bulbs because she’s afraid they’ll stop being manufactured.

Miley Cyrus loves animals, but accordingly to her staff, none of her pets is house-trained. The source said, “they poop and pee at will in the house. When the dogs had accidents, Miley yelled for a maid to clean up the mess.”


One of Britney’s housekeepers reported that Britney is a really messy person. They’ve once found a half-eaten McDonald’s under the star’s bed and they claim her clothes are thrown everywhere.

One of this actor’s former housekeepers revealed that he has some really strange habits. Supposedly, Ryan pees while sitting down, walks up the stairs on all fours and sleeps with his head at the foot of his bed. He also enjoys a good wax, the housekeeper said, “Ryan hates having any hair on his chest or back — he gets waxed multiple times a month.”

One housekeeper said that Jim Carrey is actually very similar to his movie characters, meaning unpredictable. She said, “He’s incredibly hard to work for, because you never know what kind of guy you’re going to get. One moment he is the sweetest guy in the world, and the next he is screaming at you at the top of his lungs.”

You may be disappointed to hear that one of Clooney’s former housekeepers described him a “dirty pig”. He also made sure none of his staff stole any of his expensive liquor. A former staff member said, “he has his decanters marked so he can see exactly how much is in them and to make sure nobody ever secretly takes a swig.”