The famous question when we talk about cars is “How fast can it go?”.When talking about the features that a car everyone would dream of, the speed is one of the top answers! Who will not love a car that could go fast than any other ordinary cars in the street?

Even from the movie “Fast And The Furious”, people would go all the way to cinemas just to see this movie. What more if we can see it live? Seeing a car going fast right before your very eyes excites you!

Even when you play video games about driving cars, you’d want to go fast and overtake other cars so that you will go first! When you see a real car going so fast, you can’t help but feel that you are the one driving it. When it turns, you’ll turn yourself too! You’ll get carried away!

Here is video of the 10 fastest cars all over the globe. Take a look and enjoy the speed!

Which one would you like to have then?