How much are some of the most interesting pets you could ever own? By interesting, we mean the most demanding and sometimes the most ungrateful pets. But what if cats aren’t ungrateful? What if we just don’t understand what your cat is trying to tell us? Communication between humans and animals has been an ongoing problem for as long as history can remember. While humans use vocalization to speak, many animals use their body language instead. In fact, past the age of kittenhood you don’t even see cats meowing at their moms like they do at us.

This video above helps explain to you what the body language means and what you should make of it. It is a hilarious spin on explaining science to us and thoroughly explains what each motion that the researchers have found the cat’s make means. As the video goes on, you will learn more and more that just because a cat ignores you when you call it doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t like you. In fact, a lot of the things you think your cat does that means he doesn’t like you actually may just mean that he loves you.

While this doesn’t make cats any less confusing, this does help us understand where they’re coming from a little bit more. So the next time you find a dead bird on your porch, don’t get mad at fluffy friendly pet them and thank them. Of course, after you think them be sure to get rid of the dead bird properly and you some gloves. The meantime they’re just giving this video a shot we promise you’ll have some good laughs as the narrator is completely hilarious and painfully aware of how the everyday cat treats their humans.