Next time when your car makes you mad and you start thinking how you own the worst car in the world, remember this video.

In the 1950’s, someone in Germany somehow broke every single rule in the book and built the strangest car ever. The car was initially called a horseless carriage, and there was a good reason for that – because that’s exactly what it was – a carriage, and not even a pretty one. It didn’t take long before the car won the title of the worst car ever made.  There’s a lot of terrible cars, but this one definitely takes the cake.

Jason Torchinsky got the opportunity to give the horrible, six horsepower Hoffmann a drive.It all seems to be hand-made, with a few identifiable off-the-shelf-parts. I’m pretty sure the front axle is the lower half of a Kubelwagen front axle (just the lower torsion tube used), and the engine is an ILO 200cc single. But most of the rest seems to be carefully hand-built.  Like a custom crafted machine that was lovingly built this car should have it all.  But it doesn’t.

And that’s what makes the Hoffmann so fascinating. It’s not a piece of shit, build-quality-wise. It’s just that every possible design decision made on this car is somehow the absolute worst decision you could make. The track is longer than the wheelbase. The gas filler, for no reason, goes through the inside of the car, complete with a fume-leaky rubber cuff. The rear-wheel steering design devours about half the usable space inside the car.

It’s awful. Everything is awful. Every decision. The way the car almost flips even when parked. They made me drive it with someone in the passenger seat because they were sure it’d roll if I was in it alone