The best creative bath product company, Lush, has some of the cutest items you could ever imagine taking a shower with. This company is known for their creative ideas such as a fidget spinner bubble bar and various efforts to support charities. Most of their items are at the very least vegetarian and a lot of their stock is known for being vegan. All of their ingredients are fresh & natural and everything they sell contains an expiration date due to how fresh everything is made. The company is extremely popular among women and has been growing in size for the past few years. Lush is one of the only companies that is gaining brick-and-mortar stores still in the US.

Luckily for us, Lush has come out with an extremely cute Christmas selection this year.  The selection features all kinds of Christmas-themed goodies such as bath bombs that look like Christmas presents. A lot of their popular scents have also made a return that have been missing from the past year. Not only that but Lush’s only sale of the year on Boxing Day also happens in December. There’s a lot to be excited about if you’re a fan of the brand or someone who has been wanting to try it out for years for cheap.

Some of my best recommendations for the holiday line are things like the Twilight line, which will help you sleep better at night or the Snow Fairy line. The Snow Fairy line smells just like bubblegum and will remind you of your childhood. If you don’t like things like that, there is also a rose-scented line that’s perfect give to your lover as a gift for Christmas. Lush can be a little bit pricey with a big bottle of soap upwards of $33. They’re not there for a few shops such as the UK shop but the prices are a little bit lower in a bottle cost around $18 USD. The shipping also isn’t too expensive from the UK, making it much easier for you to sample the brand.

If you wait for the Boxing Day Sale, everything that’s in the Christmas line will either be happy or buy one, get one free. You do have to get in a virtual line in order to get to the store and buy things and I’m rather quick on the sale. Luckily, you will have the United States and European stores to choose from. No matter how you order, you won’t be disappointed as the brand has great quality and the items smell simply amazing.