At first glance, Tom Gonzales’ family home looks like just another normal home. Lovely spacious house in the nature with beautiful garden and maybe just slightly bigger than usual driveway. But, there’s something really amazing hiding under the driveway.

Tom is not just a regular family man. He’s a millionaire with a passion for cars. Having all the money he could possibly need, his passion doesn’t stop at visiting car shows and collecting pictures. He is a proud owner of a 400-car collection.

When he started building his house he knew there could be a problem with storing all those cars as finding enough space for 400 cars is not a simple task. So he came up with a great solution – a 12,000-square-foot subterranean parking garage. To get cars into the garage, he came up with another brilliant idea – a driveway that lowers underground.

While the garage may be too small for all 400 vehicles Tom owns, it’s more than enough for 30 of his favorite cars and dozen motorcycles. And the room itself looks amazing.

The coolest thing about the garage is that it’s completely invisible and you’d never say this average home hides such a secret.