While I’m sure most of us enjoy summer and hot weather, most of us still want an option to cool things down a bit every now and then. So with summer just behind the corner, this DIY is just a perfect weekend project you should try. It will change your summer and your wallet will thank you as soon as the electric bill comes. All you have to do is make a few modifications to your old styrofoam cooler and you’ll get an energy-efficient, cheap homemade air conditioner.

To make this you will need an ice chest, PVC pipe, a small fan, and ice. If you feel extra crafty and have some basic skills, you can take this project one step further and make the cooler solar-powered. Just grab one cheap solar panel and set it up.

Once you have your tools and materials, make two holes on the lid of your cooler. The PVC pipe should go into one hole and the fan in the other. Place ice inside of the chest. Turn the power on, and that’s it.

These homemade air conditioners can produce very cold air and it can do it fast, like in this video tutorial where the room temperature quickly from 80 °F to 42 °F. Also, one not too big block of ice will last up to five hours, and larger blocks can last double.

See the video for more detailed instructions.