With the summer in full swing, it is now or never to get grilling. With Memorial Day weekend and July Fourth come and gone, you need to get outside, fire up the grill, and make some delicious hamburgers while you can still enjoy the warm weather.

Making the perfect burgers is an art in and of itself. You can do so much with these slabs of ground beef that the possibilities are overwhelming. But even if you’re just a simple burger and cheese kind of person, there is one essential that cannot be overlooked. Getting the perfect burger patty shape and size.

For years, I always formed my ground beef patties into circles by eye. I would grab a chunk of meat and press it into patties with my bare hands. While this works and I got them to look pretty even, when I learned this simple trick from Food & Wine, I was shocked. This way is so much better than anything else I have ever seen.

Learn how to make perfectly round burger patties every time!

This 10-second tip will transform the way you grill for good. Not only is it much faster than doing it by hand, this Food & Wine tip will make your burger patties perfect every time you grill.

So what do you need? Those round, common plastic restaurant to-go container lids.
As Justin Chapple from Food & Wine’s test kitchen reports, “that in order to get the perfect burger, you have to have the perfect patty.”

With the premise established, Justin goes through the ‘mad genius tip’ to getting the perfect burger patty.

“Most people overwork the patties. That causes it to be tough and dry. But we don’t want that.”

If you like juicy burgers then this cooking tip is for you!
First break your ground beef into about ¼ pound pieces.

“The secret to this mad genius tip is these simple takeout container lids.”

Grab your first chunk of ground beef and lay it on top of one of the food container lids. Then place the second lid and place it on top of the meat.

Gently press the two lids together. Then press the lid on all sides to spread the beef.

“What you’re doing is forming a perfect circle,” Justin states.

Remove the top lid and you’re left with the perfect burger patty.

TIP: You can buy these restaurant food containers and lids on Amazon.
A chef recommended using these food containers instead of Tupperware because the lids work on both the 16 and 32 oz sized containers. This makes it easier than searching around your cabinet for the right lid.