Nothing is cuter than a big fluffy animal to love on. This especially rings true if you can get your hands on a sugar glider. Suger gliders are the picture of cute with their fuzzy tails and big round eyes. They have become a popular pet across the world and their caretakers work extra hard on making fun habitats for them to play in. Today we have a video of an especially cute glider named Moe. Moe has had a few too many treats in his day and his owners had to request some help from Animal Planet vets to try and get him back on track.

Moe is known for being an especially sweet glider and is friendly with everyone. Even if he is considered a little unhealthy because of his weight it doesn’t stop him from doing his thing. The video even features him chowing down on some worms and happily hiding in his pouch. While Moe did get put on a diet void of a lot of sugars by the end of the video we can’t help but think he looks fine as he is. Moe now has a decked out cage to exercise and have fun in as compensation for the cut down in his diet.

We don’t suggest any viewers fatten up their sugar gliders. While Moe may just be one of the cutest animals we have ever seen, we still have to be concerned about his health. A sugar glider’s thin frame is one of the things that help with their mobility. When a glider becomes like Moe he may have trouble getting around as easily and if he ever gets out of his cage may not be able to get away from dangers. For now though watch the video as much as you want and be sure to share it around with friends who love cute animals!