An insanely popular gaming franchise is on its way back from a long hibernation and long time gaming fans are losing their minds. The series hasn’t had an official entry in years and had tons of spin-offs like the ZX series that didn’t have all of the core mechanics. While these games were critically respected, it left the core fans feeling forgotten as the main series was pushed aside in favor of flashier mechanics. The fanbase also got badly burned after a Kickstarter named Mighty Number 9 was funded and promised a Megaman-like game with disastrous results.

The new game will see the Blue Bomber return to his full glory with classic gameplay mechanics. The levels will be all-new designs made for Megaman 11 and will hopefully feature a more in-depth story than previous entries in the core series. The art will also be in the style of a 2.5D platformer giving the game a much more classic feel while also staying faithful to the sprite art and animations of the original games. The game was revealed for the franchise’s 30th anniversary during a live stream by Capcom making it the first game in the mainline series since Megaman 10 which was released in 2010. Megaman 11 is also making its way onto the Switch as well as Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

News outlets are now making jokes about calling the failed Mighty Number 9 as bootleg Megaman. This is due to fans feeling burned by the poor production quality that went into the project that was supposed to revive the series under a new name. It is probably somewhat thanks to all the support Mighty Number 9 received that we are finally seeing the series move again. The fan outcry for a new Megaman game was incredible and likely influenced Capcom to go ahead and greenlight the project.