If you have ever been on Ebay, you may notice that prices for some items can get a little out of hand. A lot of people argue between using Amazon or Ebay due to the pricing difference of their favorite items. There is a new contender that has been around for a little bit and just now making its way into the mainstream. This new contender helps you get items even cheaper than you could have ever imagined with Ebay or Amazon.

Mercari is a Japan based, Ebay-like service where users sell used or new items. The whole thing started out as an admin now has a website as well. All you need is a PayPal just like on eBay and the sellers generally ship super fast. Mercari also features a tighter rating system that forces users who buy from a seller to leave feedback within a certain amount of time. This way a lot of bad buyers are rooted out, which is one of Ebay’s main problems for their sellers.

The service also tends to have cheaper prices for the other side. For example, the much wanted Fingerlings are actually cheaper on Mercari than they are anywhere else on the internet right now. Mercari also tends to get out 10-20% off coupons but can’t for purchases over $20 and making items even cheaper or their buyers. The whole system isn’t into moving items fast instead of just making money for the site. From my experience, buyers and sellers even keep in contact more once the item is shipped to make sure everything goes perfectly. This is a nice little touch that has been lost with the current day Ebay.

Sellers on the site also have a comment section where they can answer questions directly. The questions and answers can be seen by everybody, making the shopping process a lot easier. No longer do you have to email secretly in order to get an answer as everything is out in public with Mercari to make sure you get the best experience as a buyer. This also helps protect the seller by giving them back up based on the things they say about the item before shipment. There is no bidding option on Mercari as of yet, the buy-it-now works so well there may not be a need for it. You can find some truly great deals for Christmas using the site the app download is quick and easy to use.