Few things are as infuriating as getting stuck in traffic or struggling to find a parking spot. I remember one time when I was taking my girlfriend to a restaurant at the mall. There was a big event in town so every spot was taken. I had to drive to the very top of the parking garage but still no luck. I was frustrated. And then when I saw someone taking up two spots in a small little car, I got furious.

As you’ll see in the video below, that’s exactly how the woman driving the maroon car must feel. She circles around the parking lot and finally comes across a spot for her small vehicle. She puts on her blinker and starts backing up into it.

Everyone else knows that this is a sign that someone is trying to take a parking spot. But the driver in the white car has other plans…

When the driver in the white tiny car sees that the woman is trying to park, he doesn’t stop driving. Instead, he pulls right into the spot.

His car parks right up next to the vehicle on his right. And that’s when the lady in the maroon vehicle has another idea. She’s not going to give up on this spot no matter what.

She continues to back into the parking spot as the driver in the white car remains in his vehicle.

The woman parks her car and then pulls up on the parking brake. She’s not going anywhere. And the small white car is trapped right between two cars with nowhere to go. Plus there is no way the driver can open either the driver’s side or passenger’s side door.

The pair of men filming this clip couldn’t help but laugh at the incident.

Then the woman in the maroon vehicle presses a button and the top of her car starts to rise up. It’s a convertible!

She exits the car by climbing up onto the seats and walking out the back. The man driving the white car has no such mode of escape.
The video was originally posted to YouTube in 2010 with the title “Do not steal someone’s parking space! Especially [a] woman’s”

While the title has some sexist undertones, the description seems more universal. “This is how you get back at those people who takes your parking space.”