I’m a pickle, Pickle Rick!!!!! If you have somehow never heard of the Adult Swim show Rick and Morty then we feel bad for you. The show is full of hilarious moments and enough sci-fi comedy action goodness to make you want to be a mad scientist. The shows rabid fan base even forced Mcdonalds to re-release a certain sauce for their to enjoy for a day, how cool is that? Even famous Youtubers have announced their love for the show and thanks to this we now have a glorious Pickle Rick rap.

The rapper is famous for making rap songs about pop culture shows and games. None Like Joshua perfectly captures Rick’s beauty in this song that you can click the repeat button on for hours. Every verse helps you feel the awe of the majestic pickle form of Rick and the samples in the song are completely wonderful. If you somehow haven’t seen this episode of Rick and Morty then we suggest you go watch it now and then come back to bask in the greatness of this song.

If this isn’t enough Rick and Morty themed rap for you then your in luck. The artist has recently released another rap that is about Evil Morty and its completely on fire. The track is hard hitting and portrays the evil of Evil Morty like a boss. This hopefully will help keep you tided over to season 4 of Rick and Morty airs and if not just start reading the piles of theories about the show scattered about the internet they are pretty cool as well