Every little kid and even some adults dream about having an outdoor fort or a treehouse. There’s nothing better than knowing you have your very own calm and quiet place for relaxation.

While some adults approach their wishes by building a man cave or a she shed, some others stick to their childhood dream and go with a treehouse. Treehouse master Andreas Wenning is one of those people. He has specialized in building treehouses and in this video, he takes Pete Nelson on a tour of this spectacular German treehouse. Pete’s reaction was pure shock and awe and I’m quite sure yours will be the same.

The structure of the building is made of the metal zinc and storm-proof glass and you’d never be able to guess that this house can offer a luxury-level of comfort. But it is. Andreas idea was to build a shelter that will be based on a shell. And as worked on his project, he imagined and compared the shape interior to being inside a womb a place where one can go to recover, to enjoy peace and quiet and to relax among nature.

Watch the incredible tour and see this amazing treehouse for yourself!