This kitchen hack is a real life saver and you won’ believe how simple it is!

Have you ever met a stubborn jar? I bet you had. No matter how strong you are, those glass jars are sometimes closed too tight!

One of the tricks how to open a stubborn jar we all know is to run the jar under hot water for a few minutes. Another well known trick is banging the jar against the counter top. Still, sometimes these methods just don’t work.

This video will show you one more trick and this one is a sure-fire method of opening up even the most stubborn jar.

What’s the trick? You might be surprised, but it’s a – duct tape.

The best part is that this simple trick works for both left and right-handed people!

Start by ripping off enough duct tape to wrap it around the lid. Start wrapping the tape and once you have a few inches covered, fold the end of the tape onto the top of the lid for stability.

Grab the jar with one hand and the tail of duct tape with the other. Now pull and the jar will open.

Check out the video for more details and step-by-step instructions on how to do this.