It’s that time of year where Pumpkin Spice Season is officially ending thanks to the Winter months rolling in quickly. Sadly, for many of us this means we will have to wait a whole other year for Pumpkin Spice everything to grace us with its presence again. Luckily, we have a new flavor to celebrate during these cold snowy months. Peppermint is in and now going full force all around us. It’s not just candy cane that you have to buy any more to get the refreshing flavor either!

Peppermint has recently been gaining steam as the new in thing. Every year we see more and more peppermint themed items start to pop out of the woodworks. There are even peppermint themed recipe books popping up all over the internet to indulge in. The best part about peppermint is that unlike pumpkin spice items, peppermint has great benefits to consuming it. Putting peppermint in any recipe makes it just a bit healthier since peppermint by itself is a great soothing agent. That’s right, it tastes great and can make a tummy ache settle down quickly!

Even Restaurants like Mcdonalds are jumping on the peppermint train by selling mochas with the flavor in them. If you got to any grocery store you can now find peppermint candy bars to snack on. For a tradition that just started as some cheap candy to hang on your Christmas tree, peppermint flavored items have certainly evolved over the year.