It seems like everything in our pantry is sold in plastic bags these days, doesn’t it? Rice, pasta, chips, beans, every dry good sitting on our shelves is in plastic. The upside is that the plastic keeps it fresh on the store shelves. The downside is that, once we open those bags at home, we can’t really reseal them and the food gets stale pretty quickly. Oh, whatever are we to do?

In this neat YouTube video, Crazy Russian Hacker shows us how to reseal any plastic bag quickly and easily. Best of all? You do not need any special tools for this. In fact, we bet you already have everything you will need to do the job right now. Check out this helpful tip.

Now that we have those pesky plastic bags tamed, we thought it would be neat to look at some of the other helpful things you can do around the house with little more than a lighter. But a word of caution: Never let kids perform these tasks without supervision, and always use proper ventilation. Heating plastics and other materials can give off toxic gases.

Of course this list should start off with the obvious best use for a lighter: to ignite fires. Whether you are firing up the grill for a cookout, setting a romantic mood for your lover, or addicted to nicotine, a cigarette lighter is the easiest way to quickly get stuff burning around the house. It does not stink of sulphur like matches, and it is way safer that trying to start a fire on the stove top and then carry a flaming torch through the house.

We saw a guy at a bar do this trick once. Your cigarette lighter can open bottles too!. Basically, the base of the lighter can be wedged under the cap for traction in order to pop it off, giving you access to a refreshing beverage.

Handy in the kitchen are you? The next time you decide to make a flan, at the point when you discover you left your torch in your other kitchen, just use a lighter. It is not quite as “gee whiz” inspiring, but if no one in the dining room is watching, it will do the trick.

Lighters are also good for softening putties and waxes. When you are shining your shoes or filling in some nail holes in a woodworking project, use your lighter to gently warm the putty or wax to a malleable state.

This same procedure can help you repair certain plastic items around the house. If you carefully heat the adjoining edges of a broken piece of plastic and then press together, you can repair the item without glue. This will not work on sections of an item that are meant to bear loads or experience stress.