Kids expect their parents to provide them things they want and need. And there’s absolutely nothing strange in that. They don’t have their own money and still have needs and dreams, just like the adults. And parents are often more than happy to help and fulfill their kids needs as long as they are realistic and put smile on child’s face.

Then, when we finally grow up and reach adulthood and start our own independent lives, it’s amazing to be able to return the favor and do something special for your parents.

Brothers Jeff and Jason wanted to do something special for their dad. The surprise they were thinking about was restoring his vintage motorcycle the 1969 Norton Commando. With the motorcycle sitting in a garage for more than a decade and their father close, they had to be very sneaky so he wouldn’t find out what they were doing.

The brothers didn’t actually have neither time nor skill to restore the bike themselves, so they let the pros at the Classic Bike Experience do the job and in the meantime they created an old-fashioned poster for their dad to unwrap. They used a young picture of their mom and it looked exactly like the vintage ads from old bike magazines!

It took them four months to complete their surprise, but as you’ll see from dad’s reaction, it was worth it!