I swear that movie news is getting stranger every day.  if you don’t believe me check out the newest announcement that Ryan Reynolds of all people is going to be playing Pikachu in the upcoming Pokemon movie. That’s right the same guy that plays the foul-mouthed Deadpool is going to play everybody’s favorite child-friendly rodent in a movie. While it is an abnormal for actors to play multiple roles the thought of Ryan Reynolds voice coming out of Pikachu is just a little bit weird.

The movie is based around Pikachu being a detective that help solve crimes.How much that came from a game title detective Pikachu in Japan. In the game Pikachu was voice and had a Grizzly sort of tone to him much different than what Pokemon fans are used to in the anime. the game never came out in America so we never got to see what Pikachu would talk like in a localization. We did see some pretty crazy voice acting in the latest Pokemon movie where Pikachu literally speaks out of nowhere.

Still, that doesn’t even come close to the idea of the guy who plays as Deadpool taking on the role of a small rodent. I’m a little bit unsure of just what they want to make the rating for this movie but I’m kind of hoping it’ll East hits PG-13. Carrying Ryan Reynolds where is Pikachu will probably be one of the greatest things Our Generation has ever seen. Not to mention he’s a fabulous actor especially and they let him have fun with a role. Either way there are we going to see the movie when it comes out as a prospect of a live action Pokemon movie just seems too cool to pass up.