Did your parents ever try to convince you as a child that they knew Santa?

My parents would always threaten to call him if I was acting up. They would even act like they had him on speed dial to make sure I knew he could be reached quickly.

And, there were sometimes they went as far to put reindeer food outside or little foot prints to convince me he had been there.

They would also let us leave letters for Santa on Christmas and he might even sometimes write back a “thank you” letter for the cookies.

But, I will say I never had my Christmas wish list hand-delivered to Santa…

Can you say that?

Well, I don’t know if you can, but I do know someone who could…

Little, precious Prince George himself. The little royalty required his letter be hand-delivered – not sent by email or even by text. And, it sounds like it was a good day to be a royal kid.

On a recent trip to Finland, Prince William took the precious four-year-old’s list and gave it straight to the man in the big red suit.

So, you reckon little George will get exactly what he asked for? I would reckon so…

The letter began:

“Dear Father Christmas”…

Followed by the respectful introduction to such an esteemed man in the eye’s of little George was an opportunity to advise the jolly man if he had been naught or nice this year. Of course, to which the little boy noted that he had been nice.

On this letter, there was a spot for up to five item requests, but George had a mere one request this year – a police car.

And, he even was sure to sign his name at the bottom so the jolly fellow would know exactly who to take the unique item to.

When delivering the letter to Santa, Prince William said, “I’ve seen you and I had to give you this letter. He hasn’t written down many requests, so I think one request is probably OK.” And, Prince William also confirmed George had, indeed, been a good boy this year.

I’m thinking that the request for a police car will now prove to be a trend for young boys around the young royal George’s age. I’ll be anxious to see what Santa does leave George at the end of this month!